Openining: Exhibition „Aufbruch ins Abenteuer. Die virtuelle Welt der Computerspiele“

Come, See, Play.

That is the claim of the special exhibition I’ve designed the past months. „Aufbruch ins Abenteuer. Die virtuelle Wetl der Computerspiele“ at Castle Hartenfels (Torgau), which was ceremonially opened on December 16, 2019, with a keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Wimmer (University of Augsburg) and an introduction on the relevance of media competence by myself – musically performed by Martin Wille with classically intoned themes from well-known video games. In addition to the provided information on game selection and their effects, an artwork gallery demonstrating game creation and more than 200 exhibits can be admired in Torgau until 31 March 2020. Those, who want to compete, can try one of the six retro game stations – including the legendary Atari 2600 and a historical Pong clone of the VEB RFT. from the former GDR.