„Stop the frack!“ Study presented at the IAMCR 2018

In June 2018, I’ve presented current results in a talk of a content analysis of the public relations (PR) activities of an environmental action group against hydraulic fracturing (fracking) at the Baltic Sea. The study analyzed how the mass media covered the activities of „Erdöl Barth“ nationwide. Eugene, Oregon (USA) was a perfect and inspiring place to discuss the conferences topic „(Re-) Imaging Sustainability“ together with colleaques from around the world – and to watch together the Soccer World Cup 2018. Mandy Tröger from Munich explaines, why the progressive and green city of Eugene, Oregon (USA), was the right place for an academic bubble (in a positive perspective) inside Trump’s America to host the anual conference of the International Association of Media and Communication Resaerch (IAMCR) in 2018.