Since 2008, I have been teaching in the fields of media, communications, digitalitation, management, and research methods in bachelor and master programs – also in English.

The last 10 years, i have been professionally envolved in teaching especially at the University of Leipzig (Universität Leipzig), at the University of applied sciences and arts Hannover (Fachhochschule Hannover), at FOM University of applied sciences (Fachhochschule Ökonomie und Management), and as lecturer at the BA Saxony – University of Cooperative Education (BA Sachsen). I’ve given talks and guest lectures at the Ostfalia University of Apllied Sciences (Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften) and workshops in the doctoral training at the Research Academy of the TU Chemnitz (TU Chemnitz).

My teaching is focused on a well balanced combination of research and practice in applied transfer projects that motivate students to engage in an active learning process.

Envolved Programs

  • BA Communication and Media Studies,
  • MA Communication and Media Studies
  • MA Global Mass Communication
  • MA Communication Management
  • MA Journalism
  • BA Business Psychology
  • BA Social Work
  • BA Tourism Management


Introductory courses

  • Introduction scientific working and writing
  • Development, design, and history of video games
  • Introduction to journalistic work and research
  • Introduction to the methods of social science
  • Introduction to Data Analysis with SPSS (R and other statistical packages)

Empirical Methods of Social Science

  • (Online-) Surveying
  • Observation
  • Content Analysis (Print, TV & Online)
  • Thinking Aloud Technique
  • Continuous Response Measurements
  • Physiopsychological Research Techniques

Media Reception and Media Effects Research

  • Media effect theories (including dynamic-transactional approach)
  • Media usage and media effects
  • Effects of video games
  • Media and Elections
  • Analysis of International Media Sports

Environmental Communication

  • The climate change in the media
  • Environmental communication in a global perspective
  • Environmental reporting (including genetic engineering, fracking, e-cigarette)
  • Digitalization & Sustainability

Digitalization, Mediatization & Management

  • Media trends
  • Mediatization of sports

Further courses

  • University policy and committee work
  • Funding and funding opportunities for doctoral candidates

Teaching Projects

„Schlaglichter“ 100 Years Institute for Communication and Media Studies (2016, Poster Exhibition)

Diversity and Discrimination (2016, universitywide Survey)

The Media Coverage on Fracking (2014, leading of a funded excursion)

Elections in Germany (2013, survey)

Media and U.S. Elections (2012, leading of a funded excursion)

German International Masters Finswimming (2008, 2010 & 2011, live coverage)